Wednesday, March 2, 2011

GLLC: It's Video Time!

I took Adam Jones' suggestion and named the owl Curio- it's snappy.

Hello Travelers, I've just returned home from Anachrocon 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia - hence why posts have been few and far between around here. But never fear! Backlog will be dealt with in a timely fashion (*cracks knuckles*).

So as the astute of you have probably noticed, it's not February anymore, which means that the Great Language-Learning Challenge has officially ended for 2011. Did you have a good month? Why don't you tell me about it in your videos?

To be fair to people who need to time to access a camera or upload their video, I'm making the deadline for the competition March 10th- which gives people a little over a week to submit their entry for the prize! The winner with the most creative/fun/memorable video will be announced March 15th, so stay posted to Multiculturalism for Steampunk for more details!

Remember to look over the video rules and required tags one more time before you submit!


  1. I dropped out of the challenge, I'm afraid. I had a massive excuse though - my PhD submission on February 21. I'd hoped to spend the next week furiously catching up on a month's worth of Dutch learning but instead spent it drunk and quietly weeping in a corner. Is there a penance for rubbish language-learners like me?

  2. I've uploaded a video, but I am not going for the hat. So far, there seem to be only three participants, two of them in the US and me in Europe. So just decide between the other two. No need to ship the hat to Europe if you like my video best.