Tuesday, March 15, 2011

GLLC: And the winner is....

Entries were judged on creativity, effort, accuracy, and how much tea came out my nose from laughing.

So you learned, you spoke, but who conquered? I received 4 very nice videos as a result of our very first Great Language-Learning Challenge and as promised, it's time to announce the winner....

...Below the cut (Look, I'm creating suspense, just like a reality tv show!HAHA!)

The winner is Mr. Adam Jones, who submitted this madcap entry in which he shows off his brand new Japanese skills.

It was the panda that killed me, I think. Congratulations, Mr. Jones, you win a fuzzy hat and the title of Gabber of the Year. Email me with your preferred color scheme.

However, everyone's efforts deserve recognition, so here are the other entries that were submitted, in no particular order.

Traveler's video was very well edited and I was impressed with his visuals.

Mac (from Steampunk Cookery) deserves a nod for his attempt. Ah well, Mac, Yiddish is nice too.

Double Vertigo should also be commended for her user-friendly subtitles and interesting cut-aways (I like hockey, too! Who's your favorite team?)

Thanks for participating everyone, and I hope your budding skills in your language of choice continue to grow. Most of all, start talking to each other! This was one of the primary motivations of the GLLC- to bridge potential language gaps between international steampunk communities. We'll certainly try this again next year (hopefully I see you all before then!).


  1. *sigh* Wouldn't you just know it, I was all ready to go...and came down with laryngitis... Congrats to the winners!

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