Monday, March 28, 2011

BB: Freebie! Racinet's Le Costume Historique

19th century Spanish folk dress by Racinet. Love the embroidery on the skirts.

Between 1876 and 1888 Auguste Racinet, a French artist, compiled a visual encyclopedia of world costume spanning antiquity to the contemporary. It was pretty. And all was well. Except that the book was largely forgotten outside of costume designers and other such strange communities of people.

In the same vein as Max Tilke and Braun and Schneider, this book encompasses a large portion of the world, is in wonderful color, and is available for free on the almighty internets. Unlike Braun and Schneider, however, Le Costume Historique goes into some fantastic detail, including hairstyles, makeup, and accessories with some plates. True, while Racinet isn't politically correct by a modern definition (Monsieur Racinet, your Chinese models don't look particularly Chinese....), his sense of detail and dedication to the garments should at least be commended and studied.

So check it out, it's available for free here at The Costumer's Manifesto labeled in English and categorized into time periods so you aren't confused. Happy researching, world travelers!


  1. Love, Love it!!! Thanks for posting and we hope to see more of this and you at AnachroCon 2012.

  2. I love Racinet's illustrations. I've got some ideas brewing for an outfit based on some of his drawings....

  3. LOVE! I knew these images existed on The Costumer's Manifesto, but I couldn't find (or more honestly, never looked) for a single page where all the images from the books were listed.

  4. I own this book in hard copy and LOVE it!! However, be warned, Racinet's illustrations are not always historically accurate. --Christina in PA

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