Monday, February 14, 2011

Convention Appearance: Anachrocon 2/25-2/27

Bozho everyone, I have an exciting announcement!

For those of you in the Atlanta area or planning to attend Anachrocon, I'll be appearing as a Costume/Art panelist at the event! Unfortunately I was not given a place on any multiculturalism panels- however should anyone wish to discuss global costuming and steampunk with me, I'd be happy to meet with you.

In addition to conducting panels, I will also be giving the Nativepunk it's first trip out. I know I said that it was going to be debuted at Oklahoma Steampunk Expo, but I progressed fairly quickly on it (an ever-lengthening commission roster doesn't hurt either). Needless to say, I'm ecstatic. Ever stitch is bringing me forward and I can feel the energy rising.

Tonight I hand-stitched my first moccasin. (Well, not really. When I was six or seven my grams and I sat down and made a pair. But these were made of felt, not leather). My fingers are throbbing, but on my right foot is a very structurally-sound piece of footwear- and it was easy! I highly recommend making your own moccasins, even if you're wearing them as house-shoes. Not only is there something powerful in making a garment by hand, but you will never get a nicer fit. They feel like a second skin.

I hope you're all having your own learning experiences- whether they be from making a steampunk outfit, reading about a new culture, or perhaps practicing a new language?

A pair of Potawatomi moccasins decorated with ribbonwork- 1840s. (Canku Ota Newsletter)


  1. I absolutely love it! I am still a little reluctant to try Native American Steampunk, probably due to the fact that I have 52 years of experience being told I can't really be an Indian, because I have blue eyes. People that know me better, look a bit closer at both inside and outside and see something very different. Just the same, I am still questioning whether I am ready for the associated headaches involved. I am Cherokee, Choctaw, and Irish. I have very nice clockpunk time traveling privateer attire for now, and plan to debut some Aztec Steampunk (we are adopted Aztec and highly trained Aztec dancers) at All-con next month. Some day, though, I may bring out my Pow Wow ribbon shirts and dress Wild West steampunk looking like a cowboy gunslinger with my long leather duster right up until I fling open the coat to blind them with Native American colors before my laser sighted colt 45 opens up. What do you think?

  2. I have been working on learning the Dine (Navajo) language of the area here in AZ where I live. It has been an awesome experience. Slowly as I read your blog, my style and cultural experiences are coming together, soon I hope to have photos to share of me in gear, being a mix of bedouin, afari, tsaligi, and celtic should be interesting and a work in progress.

  3. Hello! I'm fairly new to the steampunk venue... I would agree that nativepunk needs to come out. In a way, I have cheesily done it at a few non-steampunk conventions already (haha you can view my blog, it's not too far back of a post)

    Unfortunately, both parents of mine are the LIGHTEST color skin. Therefore, I look pretty light, myself. (My mother is Philippino/Spanish, whilst my father is of European descent/Native American)

    I have TONS of exciting reference, it just will take time to come up with a better outfit for my next debut (Check out if you haven't already! I will be selling as Darn Tootin' :)


    I would LOVE to see pictures of your outfit! I threw together a few things, but have yet to get some authentic regalia together--if not, make it myself :)

    Know that you have my support! I'm enjoying reading your blog so far... Keep up the awesome posts!! :D