Monday, January 31, 2011

Twas the night before GLLC:

Also comment if you have a good name for our owl mascot!

And all through the blog, Miss Kagashi was dumbstruck and slightly agog....

I didn't know the call to the Great Language Learning Challenge would be so strong! According to the official facebook event, over 160 people are taking part this first year. It's going to be some stiff competition for the prize hat, haiku, and title of Most Fun Video!

But I'm curious- what's drawing people to the Challenge? Allow me to pick your brains and answer this poll question for me:

So, tomorrow the GLLC begins- what should you do to prepare?

-First of all, find a reliable resource for learning your language- if you haven't already. This can include books (I'm a fan of Berlitz Book's  "Hide This ___ Book" series, which teaches you modern language, slang, curse words, and suggestive things like how to buy a drink or ask if he has a condom), computer programs like Rosetta Stone, youtube videos (there are plenty of great instructional videos fro native speakers), and websites.

-Second of all, find a buddy (if you can). Learning a language happens much easier if you have someone else to practice with or just laugh with if you're feeling self-concious or silly. Remember- there's little point to learning a language if you aren't going to use it, so get used to speaking it in front of people. A buddy can also help you pace yourself throughout the month.

- Better yet- find multiple buddies! Steampunks, here's a list of foreign-language forums and communities where you can no doubt find some kind folks to help you. In fact, one of the primary reasons for starting the GLLC was to get steampunks around the world talking to one another. Just be polite and I'm sure it will be duly returned! :
- Go over the rules one more time. Not only does it give that entry more pageviews (and that looks impressive) but it'll help you map out your month (i.e. Week 1- Greetings, basic phrases; Week 2- Vocab; Week 3- Simple verbs; Week 4- Sentence structure).

I hope you enjoy the challenge, Steampunk Travelers, have a great month and Good Luck!


  1. I voted 'motivation', but possibly winning a hat couldn't hurt either!

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  3. Owl names:
    Little Hootin' Annie
    Kaiser Fluffpants
    Angus MacBitey
    Magnus Mouse-Slayer
    Hooter Mackenzie, P.I.
    Professor Featherbottom

  4. The owl could be Blithers. Or maybe Frumsy. Anyway, I'm going with Irish Gaelic. Rare language and all that.

  5. Maimonides Quintus Nelson Trilby, "Squinty" around the Contraptory.

    I've been planning on learning my persona's native tongue for three years, starting today.

  6. George, name him George. Or Wally... Or Jareth.

  7. You could name the Owl Burton, after the British soldier and explorer Richard Burton who, from what I've read about him, had a fascinating career and spoke several languages.
    Aaron, I happen to have a french schoolbook from the Cote D'Ivoire entitled Ko-ko-ko. Just out of curiosity, is your suggestion inspired by the same book?

  8. I suggest that the owl be named Virgil. Or Gus.

  9. I like Archimedes, I think that was suggested before.

  10. The owl: a philosopher, a scientist, a wanderer between the world of thinking and data of research and certainly she has some indigenous wisdom in her as well. I guess, this wise bird's name is

    Nacona, which is "Wanderer" in the Sioux language.