Thursday, January 27, 2011

February Preview

A princess of the Joseon Korean court

We still have a few more posts out of January- including an interview with the delightful UK band Sunday Driver coming down the pipe on Monday, but here's what February has to offer.

First of all, February is the Great Language Learning Challenge! For possible participants, you still have four days to pick your language and spread the word! Remember to RSVP to the official facebook event as well!
And yes, February is also host to Valentine's Day, so there will be some content catering to the holiday (marked with a star). Perennially single Miss Kagashi personally isn't a fan, but that doesn't mean that you can't learn to make a homemade dessert for someone or to woo like an Egyptian if you do have a significant other. For the rest of us: WOOHOO, More flan for you!

Babbling Books
-The Art of Clothing: A Pacific Experience by Susanne Kuchler and Graeme Were

Clothing You'll Love
-The Wild Wild South: Clothing of the Gauchos of South America
-Joseon Korea

Kagashi's Kitchen
-I Love it When a Flan Comes Together*

Tutorial Time
-Turbans 101

Focus on Folkways
-Wearing Wisdom: Khanga Cloth in East Africa
-The Way of the Woo: Flirting and Courtship Around the World*

And a Special Guest Post! 
 -Distinguished steampunk author, historian, and personality G.D. Falksen will be contributing an article on The Evolution of Uniforms in 19th Century India.

Mr. Falksen in a stunning photo by Lex Machina Photography

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