Friday, January 7, 2011

Charity Drive: What We've Done

Tonight I went to Heifer International and divided up the money received during the 1st Annual Steamer's Trunk Charity Drive on:

2 Llamas- to help provide transportation of goods and wool for families to spin into textiles, which can be sold or made into clothing for the family.

2 Goats- hearty critters to provide milk which can be sold or turned into cheese.

1 Colony of Honeybees to aid in the pollenization of crops and make honey and beeswax.

1 Flock of Ducks to provide eggs and meat for years to come!

Now, some of the money didn't clear (that's okay, we've still done plenty!), so instead of $40 remaining we were only left with $15. Since that wasn't enough for more animals, I donated the remainder to a women's education and self-esteem program in Laos.

Thanks to everyone who donated, boosted the signal, or at the very least cheered on this very successful (any drive that manages to give -something- is a success) first attempt. With any luck the drive will be back next holiday season, but remember that you can give to heifer any day of the year!

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