Thursday, December 9, 2010

2nd Edition or: Oops....

Let's face it- with any scholarly work there's going to be some mistakes made: by the author or their sources (or both). When errors turn up in nonfiction books, second editions are called for to fix these fallacies (read: cover their asses). Since the Steamer's Trunk is dedicated to getting it right, this means that I need to fess up and correct mistakes for the sake of my readers. So here's a hit parade of errors I've made-which I'm going back and fixing- but you all deserve to know that even Miss Kagashi is mortal (but only just...).

Error #1
Found in: 
Mongolian Modes

The original text:
"The 'horned' headdress seen in many extant pictures is called a boqtaq, and was a combination hairpiece and headdress."

The correction:
Turns out ladies and gentlemen that the horned headdress that I love so much is called an ugalz. This is a boqtaq- which is a much older garment by far (Kublai Khan's wives were fond of wearing them) but from what I've heard from a reliable source, they're making a comeback!

I was browsing an SCA website for information on deel, as the construction of the garment has changed very little in the last five centuries or so. When I saw them mention a tall headdress called a boqtaq, I assumed that they were referring to the ugalz. It was a very silly mistake to be sure, but a fairly honest one.

The REAL boqtaq- which would still be fun to steampunk.

Big thanks to Anne Young, who caught this one. Not only is she an exotic headdress-fancier but also pursuing a PhD in anthropology, specializing in (you guessed it) Mongolia. This correction has been cited to Mongolia by Jennifer Hanson.
I may have made a mistake here, but at least I've discovered yet another fun garment to try out because of it!

Error #2
Found in: 
Fez Frenzy!

The original text:
"Understandably, the fez was named after the Turkish city of, well... Fez- where the distinctive red dye used to color these hats was made."

The correction:
 Fez is located in Morocco, not Turkey. When this way brought to my attention I felt like an utter idiot, because I KNEW that fez was a Moroccan port city. There was a time that Fez was captured by the Ottoman empire, but this was back in the 16th century. Even after the Industrial Revolution Morocco was the last holdout in North Africa from Ottoman rule.This was just a moment of dumb and I hope it doesn't happen again.

You will all now forget the mistake I made by looking at this Ottoman baby in a fez.
 An anonymous poster, which sometimes is enough to made you feel stupid on the internet.

All right, now that we have those squared away, let's get back into the swing of things with a tutorial: which I will post later tonight. As always, you are all welcome to bring up any inaccuracies or errors I have made in my research for potential correction, just send me a helpful e-mail! Thanks World Travelers!

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