Friday, December 17, 2010

Charity Drive Update- One Llama Down, Several to Go!

After three days our drive is sitting at $162- enough money to buy one llama....

Bernard used my fez tutorial to great result!
This is Bernard, the Steampunk Llama and he's itching to go to his new home- problem is (much like going to cocktail parties) he doesn't want to go alone. If you want to send Bernard some friends, then please pass that chipin button below or spread this link like jam! Remember, if you can't give a lot, just a dollar or two would be helpful!

To those of you who have given, I commend you! (Particularly some kind reader who gave twice!) We have a couple more weeks to go, most of our goal to gather- but as it stands we can already make a difference in someone's life.

A big thanks goes out to author G.D. Falksen for boosting the signal for this drive! He made this his charity of choice for youtube's annual Project for Awesome!

Thank you so much for your support everybody- let's send some more love and llamas!

(Oh yes, and CYL: Russia will be up tonight!)

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