Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1st Annual Steamer's Trunk Charity Drive! Send Love and Llamas!

Llamas are just two of the thirty animals included in the Ark
Inspired by the sense of giving during the holidays, the Steamer's Trunk will be hosting a charity drive through chipin.com and Heifer International. This idea stems from the fact that this blog examines the culture of people around the world during the Age of Steam- and much of that culture is either endangered or extinct today. So why not give back? Our gift from Heifer will help people in struggling corners of the globe by giving them a source of income, food, and potentially hope. Furthermore because Heifer is not a missionary group, we are not assisting in the degradation of that culture.

This year we're going to shoot high and try to raise $5000 for a Gift Ark. What is a gift ark? It's a package of animals that keeps on giving. The concept is that in time the animals will breed and be distributed between families and communities, creating a web of possibilities for under-privileged people.

The Gift Ark contains:
- 15 pairs of animals to be distributed all over the world! 

A family in Cambodia could receive two water buffalo for milk and aid in farmwork! Two camels in Ethiopia can provide milk and a means of transportation! The possibilities are endless and the animals could end up anywhere where there are people in need- even the United States.

From now until New Years there will be a Chip-in under the Steamer's Trunk name, which will be linked to at the bottom of every blog entry. Put in whatever you can or want to- even a couple of dollars can help us reach our goal. Should the $5000 not be raised, then I will use the money towards a Heifer gift of a smaller size. Any leftover money will be donated to one of Heifer's global aid projects- such as supporting a Latvian Orphanage or women's empowerment programs in Cambodia or Laos.

So pitch in- put in a dollar or two. I've already chipped in some of my own money (I've put in $10, Chipin just won't let me use it in my own transaction) to start us off! Thanks, world travelers- we'll have a new post on Imperial Russia within a few days.


  1. I love this blog but this gift idea worries me. The animals may need vet care, which is an expense these people may not afford. hey will also need educating in care for them too and the appropriate slaughter of the young males.

  2. Our field staff is equipped with a variety of skills that help project participants prepare for the challenges and problems they encounter by providing training prior to receiving any animal gift. A significant component of this training (and of the follow-up evaluation) is that feed, water, shelter, reproductive efficiency and health care are the essential ingredients in successful livestock management. These must be available so that the livestock provided by Heifer International can be kept healthy and productive. The animals should be a vital part of the farm activities without causing an extra burden on family members or the farm resources in general. The species and breed chosen must be appropriate for the area. Our expectation is that our project partners will provide care for the animal in an environment that minimizes stress and satisfies its basic behavioral and social needs.
    Moreover, since all recipients of Heifer International animals contract to "pass on the gift," (give their animal's offspring to another family in need), the whole community is attentive to the well-being of these precious and valuable creatures. Basically, these animals are the Project Partners' life blood: they do not want to injure them and often develop close bonds with them.

  3. This is such a great idea! I was planning on donating to heifer as a Xmas gift for my father, but this way that gift does even more! Thanks! :D

  4. Heifer International has been around since the 1940's and has won an number of awards for their projects over the years. They know what they are doing (as the reply explaining their program demonstrates.).

    This is a great idea. Thanks for setting this up. :)