Monday, October 18, 2010

We interrupt this blog...

I will have the fez tutorial up within a few days (I'm working on and documenting it as we speak), but in the meantime just to show that I'm not dead... and potentially pay a few bills... I'd like to announce the first stock of hatpins in my etsy store:

I don't make any money off of the blog, nor do I really wish to- but if you're in need of a nice, sturdy hat/hijab pin (or you just like me, either or- both is also lovely) then one by Forfaxia might be right for you! Prices range between $10 and $25.

All right, enough of that blather- back to making fezzes!


  1. Oh you're the ones who made those? I faved them on DeviantArt last night! They are pretty cool.

  2. Forfaxia is the official supplier of stickpins and hatpins to the officer corps of the Royal Britannia Air Navigation Co. for uniform use. Her wares were available on the inaugural flight of the Line's flagship Explorer II (TeslaCon).

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