Friday, October 22, 2010

November Preview

You can expect a few more posts out of October folks (a Featured Traveler, a recipe for Mexican hot chocolate, and a book review!), but I'm very excited to show you what November has in store.

While I am going to Dia De Los Muertos on November 1st in Detroit Mexicantown, the rest of the month is going to have a different theme to it. November is Native American Heritage Month, so to honor it the Steamer's Trunk will be looking at the culture and art of the various indigenous peoples of America. Here's some of what to expect:

At the beginning of the month I'll be sharing my thoughts on Native American steampunk and my feelings on how it can be done without offense.

Babbling Books
-The Mishomis Book by Edward Benton-Benai
-Native American Clothing: An Illustrated History by Theodore Brasser

CYL Spotlights
-The Northwest Coast
-The Southwest
-The Plains
-The Eastern Woodlands
-The Southeast

Focus on Folkways
-Porcupine quill beadwork
-The many forms of moccassins

-Native American hairstyles and how to do the Hopi Squash Blossom hairstyle.

- Zuni Corn Cakes
- Ojibwe Baked Pumpkin

It's going to be a very special month- I know that I'm honored to be introducing you to the art and culture of these peoples- I hope you join me.

Potawatomie (Bodewadmi) men


  1. That is beautiful - the photograph.

  2. There's plenty where that came from! A dear friend of mine used to work for the Smithsonian Institution Archives and has given me access to the database- I've found lots of fantastic photos!

  3. Found your blog from the article, and am really looking forward to your Native American posts.